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Workplace Creativity

Surprise –  I’m not always feeling creative when I sit down at my computer to write this blog.  So this month I searched the Chase’s Calendar of Events, typed in the month of May, hit search and a page came up.  I was just sure I could find an idea on the list so I hit print and went back to work. Suddenly I realized that the pages were still spilling from the ol’ HP LaserJet.  It finally stopped and I picked up the stack in amazement —31 PAGES of events in May.  (The next time I will be more careful before hitting “print!”) There was everything from “Better Sleep Month” to “National Get Happy Week” (first week of May).  And I’m sure most of you would agree that we could get pretty darn happy if we could only get a few more hours sleep each night, right?

This little exercise was a reminder to me that we need to continue being creative in finding ways to celebrate in the workplace. Here’s a starter list for this month.  May is National Barbecue Month, so how about an old fashioned cookout or a “roast the boss” event?  Who knows, you might find out about a blind spot in your leadership style.  May 4-10 is National Post Card Week—so consider sending a funny or inspiring postcard to each of your employees.  Go ahead, get creative and celebrate!

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