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The Power of Affirmations

If you’ve ever played sports you know the power of affirmations. The power of a team chanting, “we’re #1” before, in fact, they are the top team. Or, the power of telling yourself you will win an event. And while the affirmation doesn’t always produce the ultimate goal, when repeated with absolute conviction, it greatly increases the chances of success and the overall outcome.

The power of affirmations is effective in the business world as well. They work on two levels: first, to increase our confidence in doing something difficult, and second, to help us remember to do everyday things. Consider these simple affirmations that will increase our leadership effectiveness: I celebrate the small accomplishments – they are what lead to the big ones. I provide hope. When things are not going exactly right, I find something to be hopeful about and share it with my team.

In the examples above it’s not that the activities are difficult to do; they are more likely things that are difficult to fit into our busy schedules. The affirmations, in this case, serve as reminders, and when taken to heart, can produce very positive outcomes.

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