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Emotional Intelligence Versus IQ

Research indicates that one’s EI (emotional intelligence) appears to be a better indicator of potential success than IQ.  Why? Because emotional intelligence is used to drive one’s own emotions in a positive direction, and causes one to react appropriately to the emotions of others. And… while IQ is believed to be fixed at birth, EI can be developed and improved!

If you were to think about a typical bad day, you more than likely encountered one or more individuals who “pushed your buttons.”  Employing emotional intelligence competencies decreases that likelihood because you stay in control of your own emotions, and also have a positive effect on the emotions of others.

Don’t misunderstand, emotional intelligence does not mean being overly nice all the time.  It means being honest, but in a tactful way.  It does not mean being “touchy-feely” with others.  It means being aware of your feelings and those of others.  And it does not mean being emotional.  It is about using your emotions wisely.

Think about your all-time favorite leader (formal or informal) and I’ll bet he or she made you feel special in some way.  I’ll bet that person used his or her emotions wisely and drove yours in a positive direction.

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