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Where Is Your Focus When Mistakes Happen?

True leaders focus on positives while others are trapped dealing with negativity.  How did you react the last time something went wrong in your department or organization?  Did you focus on the negative events leading up to the problem?  Did you identify fault and take the necessary disciplinary action?

I don’t remember when or where I first heard the following leadership advice, but it’s a great guide for dealing with mistakes:

When something goes wrong, great minds focus on ideas for preventing the problem from happening again, mediocre minds focus on the events that caused the problem, and small minds focus on the people involved and look to place blame.

While the people and events may need some attention or may need to be analyzed, preventative ideas should be the major focus of a leader.  If you follow this guide and help others follow it as well, you’ll see a shift in the ability of your team to solve problems.  You’ll also notice that your workplace environment is more pleasant and effective!


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