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Review and Reinforcement = Retention

Many of you reading this newsletter have  Training and/or HR departments to rely on for the formal training of your team members. These professionals use a well-known training technique that is reduced to four words:  tell, show, do, review.  You first tell participants what you want them to know; you demonstrate or show the behavior or skill; you then have the participants demonstrate the behavior or skill; and finally you review what has been taught.

It’s like giving a speech. You tell them what you’re going to tell them. Then you tell them. Then you tell them what you just told them!  So what’s the key in both models?  Repetition, repetition, repetition!

The critical link to success is making sure the repetition or reinforcement doesn’t end with the formal training session.  A good leader develops processes to ensure that the lessons learned are reviewed and reinforced on a consistent basis once the team members return to the workplace.  What are you doing to ensure that lessons learned are reinforced?  How can you involve your team members to help with this process?

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