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Recognition Done Right

When offering recognition to  team members be sure to do so effectively.  If the receivers minimize the recognition, don’t assume it doesn’t mean anything to them. It may just be that they are shy or uncomfortable being in the spotlight. It does not mean they don’t appreciate and/or enjoy the recognition.

Consider the following tips:

  • Be sincere and specific about why the person is being recognized.
  • Whenever possible, offer the recognition in person rather than through an email. If you are unable to deliver the recognition in person, doing a handwritten note is more personal than an email.
  • When presenting awards or recognition that are part of a formalized program, it is still important to personalize the presentation. Delivery of such recognition might be a good idea for a staff or team meeting.
  • Be sure to look the person in the eye as you deliver your message of congratulations and/or thanks.
  • Let him or her know how his or her efforts contribute to the success of the team and the organization.
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