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Good Customer Service Can Be Therapeutic

Several years ago my neurologist, who is more than an hour from home, prescribed physical therapy 2-3 a week. In an attempt to find a therapist closer to home, I took a referral from a good friend who loves his physical therapist. I never got a chance to see how good the therapist is, because of the person at the front desk. She was busy on a personal call while I stood at the window and then when she did get to me, she was rude and unhelpful. So much so, that I decided I didn’t want to go there 2-3 times a week.

I reluctantly picked Brooks Rehabilitation from the yellow pages. They have facilities throughout the state and they’ve been around for decades so I thought it was a safe gamble. I called because I got lost trying to locate them and Henk (who I later learned is the manager) answered the telephone. He was friendly and helpful. When I arrived, he greeted me with a huge smile and nice handshake. Kathleen (front desk) was at lunch, so he was manning the post. The entire Brooks team was fantastic and the atmosphere was therapeutic. Michael (another therapist) called me after a 70-car pile-up on I-4 to be sure I got home okay. Kathleen always offered a smile and pleasant greeting. It’s obvious that she loves her job – as she went in on a Saturday to decorate the office for Henk’s 40th birthday, since he tends to arrive very early on Monday mornings. I once asked Henk about the customer service award in the lobby and how they maintain a professional, yet fun environment. His response was… “It’s not just for our clients, but also for us.”

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