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Go Beyond POTY Training!

So what is the POTY training mentality? Well, POTY is an acronym for “Program Of The Year;”‘ a scenario most of us have experienced more than once. A company will embrace an old and/or new concept or philosophy like Who Moved My Cheese, or FISH!, just to name a few oldies. These were and are great programs. The problem is, companies spend a gazillion dollars putting employees through new programs and they get people all jazzed, but the enthusiasm is just temporary. Within months of the training, people seem to forget everything they were excited about and before we know it, it’s “business as usual.”

There are three simple things we can do to help eliminate the POTY Training Mentality:

  1. Ensure that the leadership team models the desired behaviors
  2. Put into place a method for continuous reinforcement of the lessons learned
  3. Involve employees in developing ongoing reinforcement ideas
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