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Striving for Five Star Safety & Security Video-VHS or DVD

Striving for Five Star Safety & Security

In this entertaining video, vacationing police officers Arnie & Sandy Pike explore safety and security issues for the resort they are visiting.

As you journey through their vacation you will learn about the following:

  •  How resorts can create safe and secure environments to minimize problems.
  • A Safe and Secure Environment - how each team member can contribute to the security of guests.
  • Security is Everyone’s Job - how resorts use proactive measures to increase resort security.
  • Proactive Security - how to better educate guests so they can contribute to their own safety and security.
  • Educating Guests - how each team member can increase the safety of guests.
  • Safety is Everyone’s Job - what a security survey is and how it can prevent problems from occurring.

Also includes: Preventative Security Surveys

23 minutes. Includes coach's guide.