Improving Leadership, Customer Service, and Communication

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DiSC® Classic Participant Instrument

Set the Standard for Self-Understanding
DiSC provides a non-judgmental language for exploring workplace behaviors. DiSC Classic can help employees at all levels:
• Understand their own behavior
• Learn how and when to adapt their behavior
• Improve communication
• Promote appreciation of differences
• Enhance individual and team performance
• Reduce conflict
• Create and maintain client relationships
• Manage difficult customer service situations

The original hand-scored paper DiSC profile used with organizations across
the globe for over thirty years, this flagship instrument helps individuals
improve communication and reduce conflict.

This instrument is not a test. The participant cannot pass or fail. There is no best profile. Research evidence supports the conclusion that the most effective people are those who know him/herself, recognize the demands of a situation, and adapt strategies to meet those needs.

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