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Christine Genet (Kemp) Kapp

Founder & CEO DataPsy, Inc.

Christi Kapp is a well-respected Management Consultant and Coach that has spoken at numerous professional conferences on topics ranging from business analysis, to managing organizational change.

Christi’s career has included management consulting, executive leadership, coaching and teaching in the hospitality, training and technology industries.  She has also managed performance, as well as the professional development of staff engaged in development and delivery of complex information system solutions, solution sales, training, and customer service.

Her entrepreneurial background includes founding, growing and selling TechKnowQuest, Inc – one of the Orlando Area's Fastest Growing Tech Companies in 1998 (1992 – 2000). While at TechKnowQuest, she created custom courses for a number of clients and performed management consulting services.   She has also performed coaching and consulting services through KnowledgeSpot, Inc, (2000 – 2007) and JustIntegration, Inc. (founded in 2006).  She was also co-founder of Art In Motion LLC Custom Motorcycles (founded in 2007), and is Owner/Innkeeper at Kapp and Kappy Bed & Breakfast (2016)

She is an accomplished author also.  She has written several enterprise information technology books (Prentice-Hall), a UCF Master's thesis on “Regional Readiness for Homeland Security Information Sharing”, and in 2016, wrote a book chapter titled “Soft Factors Enabling Innovation” in the Apple Academic Press series called Ecosystems and Technology: Idea Generation and Content Model Processing.

She has a B.S. Degree from the University of Rochester and a M.S. from the College of Health & Public Affairs at the University of Central Florida.

She is active in her local community, doing some volunteer work for Camp Ohana (edutainment for homeless kids), serving on the City of Kissimmee Historic Preservation Board and serving on the board for the NAF Academy for Hospitality and Tourism at Osceola High School in Kissimmee.  Her sculptures can be found in outdoor locations as well as the HOPE shelter in Kissimmee .