Improving Leadership, Customer Service, and Communication

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During the more than five years that Donna has facilitated our leadership initiative (to include training and individual leadership coaching), she has become an integral business partner and a valuable asset to our management team.

We have received enthusiastic feedback about your Quality First Initiative and are especially pleased that both management and front line representatives are eager to embrace the concepts you teach. Thanks to you our team is closer to “dong the right things right the first time.

I received comments that your training was great, unbelievable, the best, wild, incredible. You have caught the imagination of my employees. Improving teamwork is now seen as something fun and mind opening.

Learning Journey was very much a part of our being recognized as the Division of the Year.

It is difficult to keep the attention of 150 people, much less 140 men, but Donna did that effortlessly. Our retreat was both educational and enjoyable. I was truly impressed.

As my coach, Donna taught me how to better understand myself and has given me greater confidence to find answers for myself. She has brought out the best in me.

Your presentation made our HR conference the best ever!  After more than a year, we are still using music to create memory anchors.

Awesome presentation! It's something I'll be sending all my HR people to.

Donna motivated our management team to think out of the box, and the value of that is immeasurable.

All your presentations were innovative and made me want to hear more!

Wow! What a program. You were a huge success. It was just awesome.

The effectiveness of your workshop is evident in our December reports which show improved favorable comments on cleanliness by 5%, amenities by 8%, and friendliness of Housekeepers by 8% - all while keeping our cost per occupied room $.51 below budget for the month!

The Manager’s rally was absolutely awesome!  The JukeBox Learning program involved extensive audience participation and incorporated some great music.  The managers really enjoyed it!

An awesome presenter…best I’ve seen in 27 years in education.

I have been to at least five quality improvement seminars, and this is the first to give me information that I can use.

The workshop was motivating. It stimulated thoughts and ideas for implementing change.

Your excellent presentation and use of interactive work sessions were exactly what we needed.

Professional, knowledgeable presenter…no one should be so busy not to have time to attend.

Many seminars leave the participants with a question as to what they have gained. That was not the case with your workshop. My goal is very vital to our office and one you have inspired me to accomplish. Thank you for an informative, worthwhile day.

Best I've ever been to and I have been to many! Donna was great, the topics really related to my job.

I would highly recommend this workshop to others. It moved along quickly, was very practical and offered useful ideas for implementation. The presenter was lively and knowledgeable.

The enthusiasm of the trainer was excellent - the best seminar/workshop I have ever attended!

Excellent workshop for employees and managers of all industries.

Presenter had lots of energy and passion for the topic.

Great informational and motivational session. A lot of fun!

Lively, upbeat, interesting information and presentation.

At last, a worthwhile workshop! The group involvement played a big part in the success.

Clear, concise, up-to-date presentation materials.

This was high-energy training presented in such a way that you can teach yourself.

Would absolutely recommend to others - all of our managers need to attend!

Excellent program - I liked the variety of training methods used to present us with valuable information - great presentation!

I've never attended such a creative, energetic seminar! I will definitely recommend it!