Improving Leadership, Customer Service, and Communication

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Improving the Interview Process

With companies downsizing and rightsizing it is more important than ever that we practice due diligence when filling valuable open job slots.  There are three important components of an effective selection process:

1. Preparation—to include identifying essential job functions, both discipline-specific (technical skills) and performance skills such as adaptability, communication skills, effective relationship building skills and problem-solving skills.  This step also includes developing interview questions, which must be consistent for each applicant.

2. The Interview—to include the following stages: rapport building, information gathering (the longest stage), providing information and a closing or wrap-up.

3. The Evaluation—includes written evaluations and a matrix to highlight the applicants’ strengths and weaknesses based on the pre-determined essential job functions and the applicants’ responses to consistently posed interview questions.

Is your interview process based on “gut feelings” or is it a well-crafted method using all three stages? Doing so will increase the changes that you hire the best possible candidate each and every time.


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