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Teamwork Is a Top Leadership Challenge

According to a survey done by the American Management Association (AMA), 60% of the leaders who responded indicated that their top challenge is to get people to work together, even though they have different agendas and goals.

Could this be an issue in your organization? Start by asking yourself the following questions:

  1. Are team members frustrated with one another or do they rely on one another?
  2. When problems arise, is there more finger-pointing or idea generation?
  3. As the leader, do you spend more time addressing “personality conflicts” or motivating and guiding a team of individuals working toward a common goal?
  4. Are your process problems a result of individuals and/or departments not working together?
  5. Do you feel confident that your team members can function well in your absence? Can they face challenges without constant guidance and without a “referee” to set boundaries for getting a job done?
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